Large-scale monochrome circles dominate in Robert Schaberl’s abstract art, circles which unfold over an intensive local-colour in clear contours on the pale background of the canvas.The large-scale central forms are placed format filling on the canvas and have a magic attraction force.With the help of intricate glazes and the use of inference pigments. Robert Schaberl creates concentrated meditational colour spaces of impressive power and depth.The highly intensive coats of colour laid on top of each other suggest an endless colour space which seems to swing in the centre of the circle and dissolves the two dimensional boundary of the canvas. An intangible collotype, an imagined light unfolds which seems to light up the picture space and suggests a meditative colour space in the two dimensional surface which opens out into the infinite. Colour and light, space and time flow together in a concentric centrifugal form.This penetration into the centre of the colour space becomes an opposite to the subtle space border through the reflection of the light reflexes on the colour’s surface depending on the point of view of the viewer. Depending on the beam of light, the open, vibrating colour space closes itself with its smooth, opaque and light reflecting surface as a space enclosed in itself.This interrelation between interior and exterior, between open and closed space produces an ambivalent tension which attracts the viewer while at the same time keeping him/her at a distance which marks the border to the material showroom.



Dr. Andrea Madesta, Director, © Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten, Cited in the catalogue for the Museum’s Exhibition farb.räume, September 2005 to January 2006